My name is Sapna Gandhi-Rao. Formerly a high school English teacher, and an elementary ESL teacher, I combined my love of teaching and yoga by becoming a certified yoga teacher for children. Why is yoga good for kids? Yoga is a great way for kids of all ages to exercise. It helps increase flexibility, strength, coordination, and concentration in a non-competitive exercise. Yoga is also great for relaxing and erasing the stresses of school life.

This website will allow participants to follow along with a series of yoga poses that they can do themselves and with their children. This can be used by parents and teachers who want to expose their children or students to yoga. It will also be easy enough for kids to follow along without an adult, but I encourage parents and teachers to do yoga with their kids.

Yoga classes can be taught in schools, community centers, gyms, at birthday parties, and even at home with your own children. Yoga can be done with a group of children and friends for a fun play date. Parents and teachers will also enjoy doing yoga with their kids so everyone is involved!

People who want to do this yoga will not need any pre-requisite training or experience with yoga. The format will be simple and basic; participants only need to follow along. If you want to watch the video, you can also pause and restart if you do not understand something. I will post suggestions for readings or books, if you would like to have a deeper understanding of yoga.

I have been teaching kids yoga for about 10 years, in schools, daycare centers, and at the YMCA. I also teach my own children. I like to use music, play, song, puppets, and other toys to make yoga engaging and fun.

On this site, I will show you yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation tips. The pictures, videos, and audio links will help you understand what the poses look like and allow you to follow along with a pose right from your computer. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I hope you will enjoy learning about Kidspirit Yoga!


Module 3 Blog

For this exercise, I will be assessing several websites:, and, and I have visited these websites multiple times and have always benefited from it. I will now look at them with a different eye to see if

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