My husband loves to procrastinate.He puts off exercising, going to sleep early, making phone calls.He puts off chores in the house every day. Sometimes, my honey-do list is weeks, months, even years old.

I am not sure why he procrastinates. Mostly, it is out of finding better or more important things to do. Something might feel very urgent so the chores get pushed further and further down the list. He would much rather sit and watch ESPN, or BBC television shows. I think he also doesn’t feel very handy around tools and fixing things. Although you wouldn’t know that he’s not handy by the amount and quality of tools we have in our garage. The Sears Craftsman tool chest is overflowing of mostly unused or rarely used tools.

Sometimes, he thinks it will take longer to do the chore than it actually does. Once he does get started on a list, he can check things off the list in a matter of hours. He will scratch his head and say “Why did I take me so long to do that? Why did I wait months to complete that  – it took only 5 minutes!”

Other times, it is a fear or anxiety that keeps him from doing something. He thinks he might fail at it. Like preparing for a presentation at work, he will busy himself with empty tasks but then BAM! his ideas start flowing and he is on a roll. Presentation completed within a few hours, only rough edges that need to be ironed out.

So imagine my surprise and gratitude that he procrastinated on something else: his heart attack. He had a heart attack 2 weeks ago, one that probably could have happened months or years ago. His heart was full of junk food, steaks, and pizzas. He was stressed out from work and an impossible manager. Instead of having his heart attack on the road, in a hotel room, on an airplane, or on a solo bike ride, or on a bike ride with our 5-year-old, he put it off. Thank God for that. He had it at home, with the ability to call 911, and that saved his life. And by the way, he didn’t procrastinate that call to 911. He did that within a matter of minutes.

Now, when he procrastinates, I never nag. I let it happen when he’s ready.

Procrastination is not always a bad thing….