Module 2 Blog

My learning design for yoga for kids would have a learning object repository. This design would have images and videos that shows how to do poses and an audio/MP3 of meditation dialogue. The images would be still photos of the poses and instructions on how to do the poses, what the benefits are, and variations or modifications. The videos would show individual poses and an entire sequence of poses and the audio will instruct learners on how to meditate. The website can also offer mini-quizzes about the poses that have been taught. Another thing that can be offered is a presentation, like a power point or a Prezi, that can take learners through poses. The power point can also be a good way to teach the history of yoga, scroll through images, and provide information about the course.

I think the Moodle option would also work for this website, especially if I wanted to train other parents or teachers on how to teach kids. The design would be a simple and basic structure, with standard modules and discussions. The format would be very similar to the Blackboard format the for this class; it could be formatted to train teachers or parents on how to instruct kids in yoga. Many times, yoga teacher trainings are only done face to face, but an online option would make it easier for more people to have access to it. There will be a social component as well, with teachers having the option of getting feedback from other teachers. Using Moodle, a yoga curriculum would be structured based on the history of yoga, learning basic poses, yoga poses geared towards a specific benefit. Learners can also learn about how to teach meditation, using audio clips. Another aspect that I think would be very good in a Moodle format would be a wiki so that other teachers can offer teaching tips, instruction, videos, etc.






Module 2 blog